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    Salomon Rivera
Secrets Revealed vol I,I, III

Salomon has got to be one of the best dancers and instructors in the world. These 3 videos are brilliant well broken down steps.

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    Cool Moves II
Edie and Eric Freeman
60 brilliant salsa moves for the intermediate to advanced salsa dancer. All Well broken down

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    Cubana I, II, Demo
Eric Freeman and Guests
Some great cuban casino moves brought from cuba by Denvers Eric Freeman. Cool Stuff
    Salsa Nightclub style
Eddie Torres
Well broken down New York style. Only problem is that there wasnt many moves for int/ adv dancers

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    Hot Moves I/ II
Eric Freeman
60 brilliant salsa moves for the intermediate to advanced salsa dancer. All Well broken down

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    Hot Salsa
Jose Negolia
Probably the best beginner , beginner tape around. well broken down by the princess of salsa

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    Advanced Techniques
Jose Negolia
This tape is packed with some great advanced techniques and shines, dips, tricks. Definitely not for beginner dancer.

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     Razz M tazz

A slightly disappointing tape from this greatly respected NY dance company.

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    Casino Rueda Vol I, II, III, IV, V
Rene Gueits and Guests
If you want to learn real Rueda then these are the tapes to buy with combinations for beginner through to advanced. Its a shame that rueda is not common in the UK.

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  LA style salsa - With Edie 'The Salsa freak' and Al 'Liquid Silver' - SERIES
This series from Edie an Al Espinoza is packed full of loads of moves from the LA Scene and it also great Al putting some of his hip hop moves with salsa to give a different taste. Al is totally crazy in these videos which makes it light hearted and are very good instruction videos. if in the UK
    Latin hips - Video Collection
Salomon and Sandra Rivera
Personnally I think Salomon is an amazing dancer and was the 2001 Internation Salsa Champion. His first series secrets revealed was great but I was slightly disappointed when moves on this series were a repeat from Secrets revealed and also Volume 2 (The first 20mins ) is the same as volume 1 and we could o done with more moves. Still Salomon is just amazing to watch and hopefully one maybe all of of can get that good.
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