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  CD Reviews #2
This Cd just ROCKS big time, buy it now. Track 2 - SWEET, Track 6 blows you away. 5/5
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Another top Salsa Cd to burn up the dance floors with Buy it now. 5/5

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    Orquesta La Palabra
This Cd is brilliant with that amazing version of that Lionel Richie classic 'Lady' Also has some top fast salsa tunes. 5/5

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    Clase Aparte
Tito Nieves
This guy just sings some totaly cool salsa tunes on this great Cd. 4.5/5
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Cecilia Noel
A couple of good Salsa tracks on this cd but not totally salsa. Pronto Salsa is great stuff.

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    Dance City
Totally great New York jazz band salsa tracks, 4.5/5

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    Descarga Total!!
Rating 4/5

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Jose Alberto
Al canario is one of the top salsa singers in the present day. This Cd is packed with great songs.
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Gilberto Santa Rosa
An awesome cd. Top tracks thoughout. A must for the budding Salsa DJ

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    Mi Tierra
Gloria Estefan
A beautiful Cd. From Gloria Estafan. 4/5

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    Grupo de folklore
Grupo Niche
Now this is what the colombian band are good. Good solid salsa hits. 4/5

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