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  History of Salsa
  So where did this addictive dance come from. I have read books, website and heard people view from all over the globe where did salsa actually originate from.

So here is my own personal understanding where salsa came from after reading articles etc from people around the world.

Salsa Originated back in the 1800's in Cuba after the Spanish settles came to cuba with Afro slaves from Mozambique and other afican countries. Salsa is the fusion of many varieties of music Afro, Latin and also some influences from the white community.

  Salsa (Spanish for 'hot sauce') is a style of popular music that emerged from New York City's Hispanic community during the mid-1970s, developing from a blend of Afro-Cuban and Puerto Rican music with rock and jazz. Its roots are in the Latin dance music of the 1940s--which used trumpets, flutes, and voices and the dance rhythms of the 1950s that have had varying d egrees of popularity since then the rumba, mambo, and cha cha. The electric guitar, along with electronic techniques, has been added from rock, along with the instrumentation and improvisational skills of jazz. Salsa musicians include performers such as Cuban singer Celia Cruz and bandleader Tito Puente, whose careers predate salsa, as well as younger musicians including bandleader Eddie Palmieri, trombonist Willie Colon, flute player Johnny Pacheco, and percussionist Ray Barretto .
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