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  Interview with the Stars - Issac Altman - President of the WSF
  How long ago was the WSF setup?

It was legally setup in August 2001. It was in planning for about a year before that.

What was the reason behind setting up the WSF and what are it's aims in the future?

Look at the website under aims.

How many people are currently members?

Over 500 in September. and still counting How long ago did you start learning salsa and what made you start dancing? I started dancing and teaching Latin dancing in 1972.

What do you love about Salsa dancing as apposed to other dance forms?

The music of course, however I enjoy and have studied many forms of Latin dancing, including Cha, Cha, Cha, Samba, Paso Doble, Merengue, Rumba, and Bolero to name a few.

What has been the greatest experience so far in your Salsa career?
Meeting my wife.

You have danced, worked along side with the most talented dancers and instructors in the world. Who have been your greatest influences in your salsa career?

My wife.

What do you think makes a great dancer?

His or her open mind ness to change, learning new styles and techniques, and a willingness to continue their education.

What qualities make a good and successful teacher?

Patience, patience, patience.

Who has been your favorite musical salsa performer?

Tito Puente amongst others. Do you have a favorite Salsa track that you play over and over and what is it? No, I need fresh music all the time for inspiration.

Where do you see salsa dancing 5 years from now? Or where would you like to see salsa 5 years from now??

Spread all over the world! (via the WSF of course)

What words of inspiration would you give to dancers across the world?

Keep an open mind and don't give up learning to dance. Learning is a breath of fresh air. If you had not become a professional Salsa teacher what you have liked to have done? Doctor or Lawyer. I am Jewish)

Thank you kindly for your time
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