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  CD Reviews #1
    Born Romantic

A great Cd from a not so great film. Watch out for track 6 Tito Puente Chan Chan , Great stuff
Grupo Niche

A bit of a disappointing Cd from a great salsa band. 3/5

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    Heavy Salsa
Sonora Carrules

Top Salsa Stuff. One for the Collection. 5/5

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    Power Salsa
Fruko Y sus Tesos

Top quality Salsa at its best. Track 13 El preso. Brilliant, 5/5

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     Big salsa

One of the better compilation cd's that you can get. 4/5

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    Everybody Salsa

An average cd, but no hit salsa songs.

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    African Salsa

A great cd with hits still being played from 2 yrs ago. 3.5/5

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    Gloria Estefan
Abiendo Puetas

A greta album from Gloria Estafan. Check out track 5. 4/5

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