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  Salsa Dance Tips
  Ok guys and ladies welcome to the salsa tips web page. This page has links on how to improve your dancing and looking better on the dance floor (Which im sure we all need to do), how to dance 3hrs non-stop salsa without getting to tired, how to get dances if you are a woman in a club of 80 thers and much more. As per the salsa styles webpage there are many different styles of salsa around the round and different styles do hold the partner slightly different. Each of the pages will show a picture of how we should look ie posture, arms etc and the a picture of the BIG NO NO's assisted by some of my salsa friends. Guys if you see some these people on the dance please dance with them they dont actually do the BIG NO's when dancing.

Of course as this website is open source feel free to send through any other useful tips etc which can help out the salsa scene and improve the quality of dancing and having a good night out. The biggest and MOST IMPORTANT TIP HAVE FUN!!!!

Andy Moore
  Tips Homepage
  (1) Posture
  (2) Stepping
  (3) 4 Points of Connection
  (4) No 5. Tension
  (5) Its my space
  (6) Hygiene
  (7) Asking for a Dance
  (8) Getting a dance
  (9) What to wear
  (10) Partner Assesment
  (11) Lead and Follow
  (12) Listening to your partner
  More tips......
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