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  Salsa Tips - 4 Points contact
  The Big No's  
  So whats wrong with the picture?

- Both partners backs are not straight which could lead to back strain

- No lady is going to enjoy the hip being thrust forward. THIS ISNT MERENGUE.

- Leading arm is to high to lead the lady well. She might mistake the lead for a turn.

  Lets Start again
  There 4 points in dancing salsa in what we call a closed position (See above) So what are those 4 points of contact.

First of all distance yourself from your partner so that you are approximately beachball distance.

Point 1: First of all guys hold you left arm up with a 90 deg angle in the elbow with tips of fingers about shoulder height. Make a V shape with the hand. (This is the leading hand). Ladies place your right hand over the top of the guys left hand gently. DONT SQEEZE the guys hand, be cool, there nothing worse than dancing with a purple hand with no blood in.

Ladies it is your responsiblility to hold your own arm up the guy is not there as a support bracket (conterary to belief) . Also ladies keep the elbow up as you will be able to feel the guy's lead alot better.

Point 2 - The guy places the right hand on the ladies shoulder blade. No lower guys just remember the lady's knee is close to that private place.

Point 3: Ladies place your left hand on the guy's shoulder. I know you might be dancing with a fit guy ladies but please resist the temptation to feel the guy's bicep. The reason why the hand is on the shoulder is also for safety if you have the hand on the bicep when a guy does an outside turn ( turning in a clockwise motion on count 5) then you could get a broken arm or strain. WE WANT YOU TO GO HOME SAFE WITH ALL LIMBS STILL ATTACHED !!!!

Point 4 - Elbows connecting. Guy's right elbow and lady's left elbow should connection. If the guy has connection no 2 then already we should have our last connection

Now we have a good strong salsa hold and ready to hit the dance floor. Now read about tension
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