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  Salsa Tips - It's My Space
  The Big No's  
  So whats wrong with the picture?

- Incorrect salsa 4 point hold with partner.
- No room for either partner to move

- No tension
  Lets Start again
  My space your space.

Who ever watched that 80's film dirty dancing, yeah of course you have. Remember when Baby Jennifer Grey says this is my space and this is your space. The same also goes for salsa when dancing the basic steps in a closed position

When you are dancing those basic steps including turns (inside and outside from closed position) try and maintain that beach ball distance with your partner. Guys and ladies are always guilty of letting their partner get away and outside the beach ball distance. Guy's respect the woman, alot of ladies dont like a total stanger dancing right in their face, SO DONT DO IT until you know what you're partner is like thats why god created lips for talking and communicating with people. Salsa is a social thing not an ego moves trip. And if your partner guy's says she doesnt want dipping or cant do spins, then dont do it. Listening to your partner is important.

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