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  Salsa Tips - What to wear
  So what do we wear out to those salsa events. First of all lets go over what we dont want to wear:

JEANS - You ever danced in jeans when its hot? All I can say that it's to restrictive especially when the music is fast.

LADIES SPANDEX / LYCRA - Salsa isnt a keep fit class although we use alot energy but spandex/ lycra show those sweat marks, NOT NICE.

HIGH HEELS - High heels are great when going out with mates down the pub or to special occasions but for salsa when you're dancing at 90 mph across the dance floor there is going to be a broken ankle. NOT GOOD. Also if you accidently step on someone you mite put their foot out of action for a while.

MICRO SKIRTS - Lets not go there. Lets put it this way if a guy dips you everyone is going to see those parts you don't want them to see and you might attract the wrong kind of male partner.


What you wear also helps with the way you feel. The general concencance on the UK scene is guys wear black and alot of the ladies wear trousers. Make sure that the trousers are quite loose. Remember it's not nice dancing in a pool of sweat with your trousers sticking to your legs, YUCK!!. Just remember take your all important buddy the towel and t -shirt.

If you want to get some cool salsa clothing click here for They sell some excellent guys trousers (I got two pairs myself) which are nice and baggy and feel and look good. There is also plenty of womens clothing on there to.

FOOTWEAR: As far as footwear goes for guys wear what you like although trainers kind of impede on spins and turns. For ladies don't wear high highs but something with a smooth surface which you can turn on. Alot of ladies I know wear trainers which is cool, but if you want to spin then there is to much resistant on the sole of the trainer which doesn't help.
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