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  CD Reviews #3
    I love Salsa
A commercial Cd that can be found in any good record shop. It has the famous Aicha and also Proyecto Unos hit on Track 15 3.5/5
    Ismael Ismiranda
Live from San Juan
This 2 cd pack is just brilliant salsa stuff to play in the car and in the club. Brilliant. 5/5

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    Serie Sensational
Willie Rosario
A good cd with plenty of material used in the salsa clubs. 4/5

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Top Quality salsa tracks throughout. 4.5/5

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    Men in Salsa
Puerto Rican Power
PRP contiue there title of cd's with Wil Smith movies. Cool Salsa Tracks

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    Live at the Copacubana
Oscar de Leon
Rating 4/5

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    Quinto Mayor
Some great tracks for instructors who require some slower tracks midway through lessons. Great stuff

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    I like it like that
Tito Nieves
Maybe not a Tito salsa cd but there is some great tracks on this Cd with Bang Bang and I like it like that. 4/5

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     instinto y deseo
Victor Manuelle
Top stuff from Victor great stuff for the salsa dance floor 4/5

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    Exitos del Rey
Rey Ruiz
I havent had a good chance to listen to this one. I had a quick flick through and it sounded pretty good (the hassles of a full time job and salsa im afraid). 4/5

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    de otra manera
Jerry Rivera
I'm afraid im not that great fan of Jerry Rivera's music although a great singer I like the hard pumping salsa music and Salsa ballads aren't my cup of tea sorry to all those people who like salsa ballads 3/5

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    The very best...
A top Cd with a mixture of good tracks. People on the UK scene will definitely know track 9 Marie Laveaux totally addictive for a chillout on the salsa dance floor

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    Mambo Birdland
Tito Puente
Dont just sit there people BUY THIS CD'S. Non-stop salsa hits straight the way through this cd. A Real blast from Tito Puente 5/5

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Tito Puente and Eddie Palmerri
Another show stopper of a cd voted salsa album of the year. For some reason my cd sounds tinnie whether it is the recording I dont know. Great Cd though. 4/5

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