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Name:   Andy Moore
Date of Birth:   28th September 1974
When Did you start dancing?   I started dancing salsa way back in 1997 when I saw a couple of guys (Richard and Paul Marcel) dancing salsa at a live Salsa band event at the local theatre and decided the following week to start learning. I was inspired by their dancing and after a few months was gracing the Salsa clubs from London to Brighton virtually four times week.
When did you setup Salsa latina?   After 2 years of dancing I was asked by a dance company to help teach at a local leisure centre as I had more experience of dancing salsa than the other dance teachers they knew. After several months of teaching I was unhappy with the choice of venue and felt I was being held back. I set Salsa Latina in September 2000 to put something back into what others have taught me
Why do you enjoy Salsa?   I love the way it brings people together. Unlike going to nightclubs there is never any trouble at any the events which I have been to in 3 years. Its great seeing people just going out and enjoying the dance. Its great to see how salsa changes people. I have seen shy people turn out to be the most amazing dances not just giving confidence in dancing but in life also
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  Instructor Profile
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