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  Casino Rueda Calls #1
  Pa' Medio (Pron: Par-med-e-o)
In closed position with your partner rocking into the middle of the circle and rocking out.This can also be called while dancing Guapea where the guy pushes the lady away and both man and woman do the basic mambo step

pa' Abajo (Pron: Par-ab-ba-ho)
From closed position guys mambo step forward and mambo step back. Ladies start stepping opening out facing the middle of the circle and then opening up to fact the outside

(or muevete!) (Pron: Ap-poo-ret-tay) Do it faster!!!!!!

Dile que no (Pron: Del-e-kee-no)
Simply a cross-body lead from mans right hand side, Ladies count 1 you step back on right foot facing the centre of the circle, finish Dile que no with Rueda open or Guapea Hand signal: Shake head, wave finger

Dame Una ( Pron: Dar-may-oo-na)
meaning give me one - passing the lady on one place and dile que no Hand signal: 1 finger up
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