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  Casino Rueda Calls #3
  Vacilala ( Pron: Bas-sil-ala)
Cuban technique, ladies will start on guys left side and will end up on guys right side. Hand Signal: Finger pointing to eye (Same as exhibela hand signal but lady is on the left of guy)

Adios (Pron: Ad-e-os)
From Guapea or 'Rueda' Open, count 1 guys step back left foot, count 2: right foot step in place, count 3: Left steps forward turning lady to face outside of the 'Rueda' (Guys facing centre of Rueda). count 5 rock back on Right foot facing anticlockwise of the circle, count 6: left foot steps forward, count 7: Right foot steps forward and getting rid of the lady over the head moving on to next partner on right. Finish with Dile que no. Hand Signal: Waving the hand

Enchufla or Enchufle (Pron: En-chu-flair / En-chu-fla)
A bit like an outside turn. Guys count 1 stepping back on left and bring lady into a inside turning her clockwise and finishing in same place as ladies original position (Anticlockwise in the Rueda) count 5 step back on right foot stepping forward and leading the lady with you left hand to her

in peace sign
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