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  Salsa Tips - Hygiene
  The Big No's  
  So whats wrong with the picture?

- Opps I guess he should of put deodrant on

- Dancing for 3 hrs without a towel and spare T shirt - NICE!! NOT!

- Well the Tandorri curry and garlic bread tasted great but why aren't I getting any dance's tonight
  Lets Start again
  Salsa Hygiene

Well Salsa i'm afraid isnt totally about dancing.

If you're going to be dancing salsa you have to also think about the people you are dancing with. This is where the hygiene comes into play.

Before you head off to that that top notch salsa venue remember to do the following:

- Clean your teeth - noone wants guess what indian dish you ate last nite.

- Deodrant - wearing some always helps to get more dances and a nice compliment about ' you smell nice ' is better than not getting any dances and everyone is refusing dances because we forgot the deodrant that evening.

- The magic towel - Always bring your trusty friend the towel along with you. A very inexpensive piece of salsa equipment for anyone who is a total salsa addict. Unfortunately I sweat like a pig after 3 hrs which isnt nice but the trusty towel is always there. BUY ONE.

- T-shirt - Try and bring a spare t shirt. Venues are always hot and some have terrible air conditioning. After 2 hrs of dancing your spare t-shirt comes into use.

NO SPANDEX LADIES - Ladies remeber also that this isnt a keep fit class spandex and lycra top do not do justice to sweat marks.

DONT WEAR CK ETERNITY - This is from personal experience. CK eternity smells great when you are all dry and hunky dorry but as soon as you do exercise or dance that smell does not smell nice, trust me on this one.

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