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  Salsa Tips - Listening to your partner
  So what do I mean by listening to your partner. What I mean is when you're on the dance floor guys and ladies listen to your partners needs. As per the partner assessment page if a lady or guy is just starting their career and their salsa addiction listen to them. Don't put them through a gruelling 3 minutes of a million and one moves that they can't do. All that will happen is that the following week there will be one less person turning up to the club, which is not good for the scene. There is always plenty of experienced dancers to practice those million moves on out there. Salsa is a partner dance 50/50 so listen to your partner even if they don't speak to you, salsa is also spoken by body language and the way you can follow and lead and a good lead can always tell if a lady is having difficulties.

Same thing for ladies listen to the guy. A friend of mine was dancing in a salsa club a couple of weeks back and the lady said ' Dip me, dip me'. Now my friend is certainly not confident in dips and protested about doing the dip. But again and again the lady said said 'Dip me' . So he did with funny at the time consequences but could of been dangerous. It ended with the lady flinging herself backward my friend falling right on top of her on the dance floor. (I should of had the digital camera with me at the time). The lady picked herself up looking rather embarrassed. Im sure there are plenty more stories out there like this one.

The great thing thing about salsa is for 3 minutes you share a connection with your partner, it doesn't matter where you come from, how rich or poor or what you do. Salsa breaks all barriers down. People have one thing in common, DANCING and having fun. The 3 minutes is a great way of talking to your partner and finding out about them. People generally like to have a chat and also if you ask how they are and how there week is again it helps to secure another dance later on in the evening. BUT - don't unload all your problems off on your partner the first time you dance with them , im sure we all have a bad day at the office or wherever and alot of people use salsa to escape from their daytime life. .

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