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  Salsa Tips - Leading and following
  Salsa guys and ladies is a partner dance and like all partner dances there must be a leader and a follower. On the dance floor the guys lead the ladies. When freestyling salsa none of the moves are choreographed and that is why when I teach I try and get away from teaching sequences and teach salsa moves. There has been many people that I have I come across and said ' I can't remember that sequence from last week'. I can tell you most of the people I have spoken to and taught have felt the same.

Guys lead the lady strongly keep all your 4 points of connection and our no.5 connection. With these two basic techniques you are half way to giving a good lead. I can tell you guys , ladies love a good lead and yes they tell their friends and sooner or later you will be the hit on the dance floor (a smile also helps). Ladies to when dancing keeping our no 5 connection , this will help you so much in following the guy's lead. As regards to styling ladies don't over do it so much that the guy can't lead you. I've been to several club's in London where the lady who I was dancing with just did their own footwork shines in a closed position and not let the guy lead them. IT'S A PARTNER DANCE. Shines are when we break away from each other should be kept to the medium, dont over do it to much.

Another important technique is to keep eye contact with our partner and to watch what they are doing. Also eye contact looks better on the dance floor and shows more contact with your partner. In this day and age where we walk down the street and look away from people and cant look at them in the face this is quite difficult to get use to. But once you start getting to know people on the scene and start chatting those inhibitions soon go away.

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