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  Salsa Tips - Partner Assessment
  So what do I mean by partner assessment. Well once we have managed to ask a dance from a lady or guy on the dance floor how do we make them enjoy the dance and keep dancing salsa. Remember that one dance can make a person come back to you for more dances and also totally finish off their short stay on the salsa scene.

First of all if you are a beginner and you dont feel confident on the dance floor say to the person you are dancing with ' Hey look I've only doing this a couple of months go easy on me', especially if you're dancing with a seasoned dancer. So guys and ladies listen to your partner PLEASE!!!. If I made one pound for every lady who told the guy I dont like dips and the guy then dips her then I would be a millionaire (Regretably not) . For you people who didn't listen to your partner trust me it jeopardizes your next dance with that lady. Remember guys those ladies tell there friends.

So when you start dancing with your partner start off with something basic if you are not quite sure of the person's level of dancing. Keep with the mambo then add a few basic turns and step up the level. As soon as your partner starts finding things real hard take it down a level. Remember salsa is suppose to be fun. Your partner doesnt want to be flung around the dance floor doing moves that she or he cant do as they have had only three lessons or so. If the person doesnt get the move BE COOL!!! this isnt a project it is a fun night for most people so dont get annoyed with your partner. For the salsa scene to survive BE COOL and just enjoy those 3 minutes or so of dancing.

Remember after that 3 minutes of dancing even it was a ad dance be polite and always say thank you.
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